Bale Bedder

So, the barn needs bedding and time is of the essence. We understand and we can handle that situation for you with our skid steer Bale Bedder. Built to handle round bales up to 6’ or square bales up to 8’, our Bedder can make quick bedding for your livestock out of dry hay, baleage, straw, soybean stubble, or even corn stubble. With several options available, our Bale Bedder can meet your needs.

Bale Bedder Details

Our Bale Bedder is hydraulic or chain driven using 4 orbit motors rotating the rollers in opposite directions. With aggressive rollers spinning, it’s very effective at making bedding out of your bales.

Our square bale adapter plate and pipe kit makes square bale chopping even more effective. We know you need to get your work done as efficiently as possible, so we offer adapters to meet your needs.

We give you choices.
The question you need to answer is, “Am I chopping round or square bales?” Once you know the answer, you’re ready to look at the additional options available.

Options We Offer…


6’ Round Bale


6’ Round Bale


8’ Square Bale


Square Bale

Adapter Plate

Bale Bedder

Pipe Kit

15″ Bedder

Extension 6′

What Our Customers Are Saying

"We have the Bale Bedder. It spreads the fodder evenly."

– Dan Z.