Easy Roll Stand

Our Easy Roll Stand holds your bunker plastic rolls so you can easily unroll them as you cover your pile. It’s wide enough to handle any width of bunker covering available in the USA. Proudly built in the USA, in Wisconsin to be exact, the Easy Roll Stand will make easy work of a major task – covering your bunker pile, however high and wide it may be.

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Easy Roll Stand in Action


One roll or two doesn’t matter. Unroll and then unfold as you set your cover in place and get ready for your sidewalls.


Connect to the Easy Roll Stand. Raise it up to the proper height and start unrolling. It’s that simple.


With connectors built onto the unit, you can use a skid steer, Wheel Loader or Telehandler. Drive up, connect, and go.


When your roll is in place, slide the tube through and set it in the slot that keeps your roll secure during use or storage.


After you lower it into the slot, you simply drop the latch over the top and put in the bolt so that everything stays in place.


By the way, once you are done on the pile, the Easy Roll is a perfect place to store the remainder of your roll.

Single or Double Not a Problem

Whether you use a single roll or a double roll to cover your piles, our Easy Roll Stand will serve you very well. Pick up the back, lower roll. Remove the steel tube from the Easy Roll Stand for the moment. Drive up so your roll is in place. Slide the tube through the roll and set it into the slots and bolt it in place. Do the same with the other roll, if you are using 2 rolls. Now, connect to the Easy Roll Stand and carry it over to the edge of your pile and start unrolling.

Easy Roll

When You Need to Get It Done

You know how it works. You get your silage all into the pile and you’re feeling pretty good. But suddenly you realize an impending problem. Rain is predicted before morning and the worst thing you want right now is rain on your freshly cut and packed pile. The Easy Roll Stand will give you that needed time by saving time putting your cover over your pile. BTW – It’s also a great place to store the remainder of your rolls for future use. Wrap your roll with a couple bungees and you’re good.

Easy Roll Stand Pricing

Skid Steer

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Wheel Loader

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“We will be getting a second one to manage plastic use, when using different sizes.”

– L. Farms