Tire Sidewalls

Tire Sidewalls are an excellent resource for holding plastic covers on forage piles. Sidewalls are more efficient way to hold plastic down because they are easy to handle when placing on plastic, to move and stack with equipment. When stacked properly, sidewalls remain for clean for next covering. Sidewalls also help reduce oxygen from entering the pile when placed sidewall to sidewall. Eliminating Raceways will reduce oxygen from entering the pile during feed out.

Sidewalls available. Please call for price.

Need sidewalls to cover your silage or haylage pile? Now is a great time to get your sidewalls before prices increase! Perfect for our Tire Shooter or to toss onto your pile by hand.

Sidewall Calculator

Pile Length x Pile Width divided by 8 = Sidewalls needed
(Each sidewall is 9 sq. ft., but 8 sq. ft. will account for the slope on your pile) 

Example: Bunker 60 Feet x 200 Feet / 8 = 1500 Sidewalls

A Closer Look

We keep plenty of sidewalls in stock to meet your needs. But the earlier you order, the more you save because the price increases as we get closer to the silage making season when everyone, including us, are busy.

Each sidewall measures approximately 36” in diameter, weighs about 24#, and will cover approximately 9 square feet.

Sidewalls are available in bundles of 30-40 or we can split a bundle if you need less. As a general guideline, it works best to set about 10-15 sidewalls in each pile, but you can load 70 or 80 onto our Tire Shooter at a time.

When stacked on edge, our sidewalls stay clean after use until you are ready to carry them out for your next silage covering project.

When you’re thinking about sidewalls, don’t forget to consider the Tire Shooter and our Easy Roll Stand. They’re great assets to efficiency.

Sidewall by sidewall improves forage quality as it prevents raceways where oxygen has an opportunity to create spoilage beneath your black & white.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Clean and always dry."

– H. Dairy

“They worked really well.”

– Terry S.