Wall Plastic Unroller

This attachment, which is used with wall plastic (specially center folded plastic), is a fast, safe, efficient way to seal silage stored in concrete bunkers. Wrapping walls will significantly reduce feed waste caused by water and oxygen entering along concrete bunkers.

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Wall Plastic Unroller in Action

The Wall Unroller enables you to unroll from either side of the loader.

Drive along the wall and the plastic will fall into place on both sides of the wall. With the braking system, the plastic will stay tight to reduce waste.

With your wall plastic in place, you’re ready to seal it against the wall and get to the real work of filling your bunker.

With the plastic snuggly in place, your forage value increases significantly as the water runs against the wall instead of on your silage.

We recommend using a black plastic that’s designed for this purpose rather than using a white/black cover plastic. Our goal is your goal, to preserve freshness wherever possible.

Talk about fresh. Take a look at the freshness of this silage. You may not see the plastic in the photo, but we can assure you that it’s there doing its job to preserve your forage crop until it’s feeding time.

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