Tire Shooter

Here’s our Tire Shooter in action. Notice the reach, the placement, and the time-saving you can achieve. You won’t find another because this is the original Tire Shooter designed right here in Wisconsin, USA.

    • Efficient

    • Self Unloading

    • Haul up to 110 sidewalls

    • Easy & quick to load

    • Custom fit any skid steer or wheel loader

    • Use sidewalls or full tires

    • Powder coated paint

Typical customers say it saves half the time or half the labor; Some say both

Brief Overview

Our Tire Shooter is simple in design but very effective at labor saving. Hydraulic driven, using a chain with ears located in just the right position on a frame that needs virtually no maintenance, it doesn’t get much simpler than that at saving you time and money. If you’ve got a pile of any significance, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can set piles in just the right places and how much more efficient you can be. Customers keep telling us that they are impressed by the amount of time they save with the Tire Shooter. Get it done when it needs to get done – with the Tire Shooter.

Tire Shooter Details

3 Sizes Available

•16’ Skid Steer
•23’ Wheel Loader
•16’ Telehandler


•Skid Steer mounts are built into the unit
•Wheel Loader mounts are HD bolt on mounts
•Telehandler mounts are built onto the unit

Placement Options

•Set full size tires onto your pile
•Load 80-100 sidewalls at a time

Note: Sidewalls are approx. 36” in diameter

Skid Steer
16’ base model
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Wheel Loader
23’ base model
Call for Price*

* Prices may vary depending on hookups

16’ base model
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* Prices may vary depending on hookups

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Time saver! Why didn’t we have this years ago!”

– H. Dairy