Wood Splitter

The wood needs to be split and it won’t split itself no matter how long you wait. Splitting by hand is more work than you need because you’ve got more pressing tasks to get done.

We understand and want to do what we can to make wood splitting a quick and efficient job. That’s why we build our Wood Splitter as a heavy duty unit that is ready for work. With our splitter, you can split up to 42” wood and, with a 5” cylinder and hydraulic power from your skid steer, you’ve got all the power you need to get your work done.

Wood Splitter Details

Quick attach is expected on skid steer attachments. You need to quickly attach, do your work, and then detach and connect to another attachment.

With our 5” cylinder and heavy duty framing, we build a splitter that is durable, that can do the work because we know you’ve got more pressing things to do.

Forty-two inch capacity – that’s huge! Like always, we build to meet your needs because it’s the customer that always matters to us.