Raven FeedFresh

Can’t we just roll up freshness into a nicely formed bale and keep things less complicated? I know and I understand. That would be great, but freshness and silage don’t fit very well into a round bale.

Since freshness is critical on today’s farming scene and since understanding how to achieve freshness gets more complicated every year, we’d like to help.

We work with bunker covers and oxygen barriers every day. Both are an investment. We want you to understand your options, how to use each one, and how to reap the most benefits.

Give us a call and we will explain your options more clearly or plan a visit in person. It’s the least we can do to make your life go a bit more smoothly.

Raven Offers You Two Options…


FeedFresh® Reinforced Oxygen Barrier is a single step bunker cover with superior strength and oxygen-blocking capabilities enabling maximum forage freshness. It comes with an impressive 7 mil thickness. Don’t let the single layer deter you because this single layer is comprised of a ten-layer reinforced extrusion welded laminate which also contains a high quality weave pattern every ⅜” to provide exceptional tear resistance and durability.

FeedFresh, with its inner and outer layer brings you exceptional barrier technology. An inner barrier resin provides a virtually zero oxygen transmission rate and the outer layer includes carbon black, UV, and thermal stabilizers to increase longevity.

Call us today for all the details on Raven FeedFresh oxygen barrier.


FeedPro-G is manufactured in the USA and, instead of using virgin resin films which directly contribute to increased landfill issues, FeedPro uses an economical alternative that still provides exceptional feed protection.

FeedPro-G is a 5 mil product that consists of a white/black tri-layer film manufactured with premium grade outer layers and select recycled resins in the core. The outer layer provides excellent protection from ultraviolet rays and reflects sunlight to minimize heat build-up and reduce spoilage. The reverse side is made of a black opaque layer of puncture-resistant polyethylene to prevent light from reaching the pile.

It all sounds rather complicated, but, what’s most important to you is it’s durability and ability to protect your forage so that it remains in optimal condition at feeding time. Give us a call for more information.

Brief Thoughts to Ponder…

The pace of life on the farm has changed dramatically. With that hurried pace and the cost of farming increasing every year, we want to help you make the best bunker cover decision.

We don’t suggest eating your silage once you uncover it, but the smell of that freshly uncovered silage almost makes one wish they were on the other side of fence enjoying fresh silage.

We know making the best decision for your bunker is complicated. So many brands; so many options. Give us a call and let us help unravel the complicated.

Sizes for Raven Feed Pro G – 5 mil

As Raven steps up to the plate, it offers you a variety of sizes to meet your needs. Along with the white and black covers, Raven also offers its outstanding FeedFresh oxygen barrier. Check out the sizes available and then give us a call for the most current pricing.

Sizes in Feet

40 x 115
40 x 164
40 x 200
40 x 500

Sizes in Feet

40 x 656
60 x 100
60 x 150
60 x 200

Sizes in Feet

60 x 500
60 x 1150
65 x 500
65 x 1150

Sizes for Raven FeedFresh

Raven’s FeedFresh oxygen barrier offers you some impressive credentials, and it comes in sizes to suit your needs. Check out the sizes available.
Then, contact us for current pricing.

Sizes in Feet

60 x 200
60 x 500
60 x 1000

Sizes in Feet

80 x 200
80 x 500
80 x 1000